Exchange & Graduation

I am determined to go on an exchange.

I am so determined for this. I don’t care if I’m already in my third year and doing an exchange in my 4th year might defer my graduation. I really don’t care. I think that prolonging my university years might actually be beneficial to me. Why rush through the good times when all you’re going to do after you’ve graduated is work? Why rush? A lot of my friends all seem like they want to get out of this place ASAP or at least graduate on time, but it makes me think a lot. I know sometimes university can be extremely stressful and frustrating, but friends make it better, spontaneous midnight trips make it better. Inevitably, whether I want to be prideful and graduate when I’m supposed to or take my time, there’s really no need to hurry it all away. I’m not saying 6 years or plus but I think an extra year or a semester would be nice, nice for me to go at my own pace. Without a care, without others’ worrisome slandering, without the doubt. Although I would be sad not graduating with my fellow friends and schoolmates but we’ve been pretty much all on our own since the beginning of this journey so the way I see it is, it’s obvious that people are not going to wait for me to graduate late together so why do I succumb to the general consensus of graduating earlier or on time? There’s no need to scurry through, I’d like to enjoy every bits and pieces of these years.

The reason I’m also debating about staying longer is the fact that as I look back throughout the years, I don’t quite see things that are truly/extremely memorable or things/events that would stand out to me as a life-changing moment. I could recall some but not a plethora. But arent’t these times supposedly the best times of our lives? It’ll only go downhill from here, right? (not necessarily, of course) I just want life to be memorable, to be something I can look back on and say to myself, “I did me proud”. I really do believe that it could happen and it will. I really do hope so.

So from this point on, I can only pray and hope that my exchange procedures will go through smoothly or at least get approved. I’ve never wanted anything so badly like this in my life before …

Photo 2012-12-30 9 19 34 AM copy

What are your thoughts?

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