About Me


I’m Joy and welcome to my blog, The ShBang. I started this blog 4 years ago, in 2012, when I first took up blogging during university. If you read my “About Me” from before, you’d totally see the lost, immature, and confused me with absolutely no direction. Apart from sounding extremely hyper on some posts, I also exuded a depressing vibe on other posts (the university blues). Throughout the years, I’ve blogged infrequently about my travels, my foodie adventures, and most importantly, my personal thoughts. Then school got in the way and before you know it, I was backlogging posts and decided to go on a long, long hiatus.

We’re now in 2016 and I somewhat have a direction now! *cue confetti* I have since graduated from university with a Bachelor of Science and am now working in the Online Marketing field. I entered the science life fuelled by my parents in their goal of me becoming a doctor. I realized a while after that although my love for science is deeply rooted, I will never find the creative outlet I seek for in that industry. And so, I began discovering other industries and before you know it, I’m well-connected in the realm of Social Media Marketing. One thing led to another, one experience after another, I managed to land a full-time job doing Marketing & PR! It was such a surprise and a great starter experience. Now that I’m out of school, I’ve decided to restart The ShBang!

A bit more about my background and what I fancy doing: I was born in China and moved around a bit before I landed myself in Vancouver, BC with my family. I was in Montreal, QC for university and my full-time job for around 5 years before I moved back to Vancouver, where I am based now. I like to read inspirational non-fictional books and mystery fictional books. I enjoy extreme sports/activities, finding new music and music soulmates, trying out new recipes on my loved ones, and pretending I’m a photographer with my iPhone 6S. You can find me riding down the slopes of Cypress, at a cafe looking at flight tickets, or discovering new “Instagrammable” corners. I really enjoy writing because not only is it an emotional/creative outlet, it’s also a way for me to self-reflect. And of course, I am a multi-tasking social media butterfly.

I love sharing my story and motivating others to do what they love and let go of their fears of failure. So, I’m starting small this time and just focusing on travels, food, and a bit of fashion. So follow me once more or if you’re new here, embark with me on this new chapter of my life! 🙂

*I try to take nice photos so all photos are mine, unless otherwise noted.*


What are your thoughts?

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