Bittersweet College Life

As I sit here on this high table with a macbook pro that can be mistaken with any other student’s laptop here, typing furiously away at the screen, not knowing where I’m going with this, I begin to notice some things. Soulless students flipping through pages and pages of notes, a back scratch, a head scratch, a yawn. Girl beside me chomping away at her Tim Horton’s cookie, because that’s the only source of nutrient we can get at this hour of the night (and also because it’s open 24 hours now for exams and it’s actually built within the library). I can’t help but fathom about the type of concentration the people all around me are facing, not towards their books, but being in a state of mind where it’s too tiring to study and too tired to go home. Decisions, decisions. That’s when social media comes in handy. Whether it’s the mad keyboard tapping of Tetris or scrolling through late Instagram pictures, perhaps of people just like us, we face utter drainage. Drainage of the mind, the body, and the capability to carry on further with our lives. We face the inevitability that we’re not getting any work done now but we also don’t want to leave this tense yet calming environment that we dwell in, therefore wallowing the hours away. This perpetual agony that we brought upon ourselves, yet soothing to grasp the kind of atmosphere knowing everyone is in the same situation as you are. What an onus exams are. I now face the question of whether I should go home and sleep or inch it out further. Eyelids closing, muscles crumbling.

What to do, what to do.

What are your thoughts?

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