Landing Visa, Sim Cards, & Cash for Vietnam

I was pretty nervous heading into my first location, Saigon, after 12+ hours of flight time and a layover. I’m nervous mainly because it’s my first time ever in South East Asia and not to mention, heading to a foreign country by myself was definitely something to get your heart pumping for…


Week 1 Foodie Adventures

The last post was longer than I thought so I had to make another one dedicated to not only the food there but also other adventures during week 1. One thing to note about Melbourne is that pretty much everything’s expensive and coffee’s kind of a big thing there.

A stranger in my own city

Here I am, sitting on my bed at 12am, typing away at what is my conclusion post of the time spent back home for winter break. I cannot fathom how much I will miss this place, but mostly the people, and the food of course. So many things have changed since I’ve been gone and…