All aboard the 23 hour flight

This begins the first to many of my blog posts about my time here in Australia! But before that, let me mention how late this blog post is due to my laziness, lack of time, lack of internet, but mostly laziness. Anyways, here goes!

I didn’t want to, but I guess we should.

First off, the timing could not be any more horrible. Being stuck in the middle of exam season with still more than half of my finals to go, specifically 80%, is nothing short of a perfect timing, right?

A year in reflection (2012)

So I’ve decided to do a post like this after every birthday to basically summarize a compendium of thoughts, experiences, what have I learned, what have I done, what I probably shouldn’t have done, etc… Like a self-reflection/rants (those things that my mom used to tell me to do when I do something wrong). This…

Are you a reason, a season, or a lifetime?

So today, I was chatting up with a close friend about some pretty personal stuff and she mentions this “Reason, season, lifetime” poem that I should probably read. As I was reading this, some people came to my mind, but it was actually very difficult to think of specific people for each category. What worried…

The First.

I’ve started many blogs before but always had a purpose for each. Then I just end up not finishing those or not updating because they’re always so specific to one thing. This is just going to be my personal blog, filled with joy (cough), sorrow, whatever artsy-fartsy shenanigans I throw onto the interweb. This is…