Spring Break in Australia (Day 1)

Okay, I think it’s time I put out another blog post before I delay it for a year or so or else all of the excitement will be gone. From the last blog post I churned out, I have already left Australia and travelled to 2 destinations already which I still need to blog about….

Losing track of time

Whoever said keeping up with blog posts were easy probably has never owned a blog. Essentially, my blog posts were always delayed by a week, then it became 2 weeks, and now I’m making posts to summarize what happened in each month! Boy, have I gotten extremely lazy. I do apologize for the lack of…

Week 2 of horrible sleeping schedules

I thought I had finally achieved a “healthy” sleeping schedule when I would wake up every morning at 9 all by myself, but little did I know that my old habits would soon catch up with me. I started sleeping more at 2 am and this resulted in me waking up half way throughout the…

Week 1 Foodie Adventures

The last post was longer than I thought so I had to make another one dedicated to not only the food there but also other adventures during week 1. One thing to note about Melbourne is that pretty much everything’s expensive and coffee’s kind of a big thing there.