Week 2 of horrible sleeping schedules

I thought I had finally achieved a “healthy” sleeping schedule when I would wake up every morning at 9 all by myself, but little did I know that my old habits would soon catch up with me. I started sleeping more at 2 am and this resulted in me waking up half way throughout the…

Week 1 Foodie Adventures

The last post was longer than I thought so I had to make another one dedicated to not only the food there but also other adventures during week 1. One thing to note about Melbourne is that pretty much everything’s expensive and coffee’s kind of a big thing there.

All aboard the 23 hour flight

This begins the first to many of my blog posts about my time here in Australia! But before that, let me mention how late this blog post is due to my laziness, lack of time, lack of internet, but mostly laziness. Anyways, here goes!

Onward to the distant land

So as many of you may already know, I am going off to Australia for a semester exchange starting July. My body is trembling with excitement and fear and I cannot wait to settle these butterflies once I’m in the new land. I will mostly be busy with school but at the same time, I’ll…

For future references

My life consists of a lot of talking, a lot of mistakes, bad timing, silly adventures, epiphanies, and many more. But how can I keep a track of all that in order for my kids to get a better sense of who I was, or who I am. (That is, if I do end up…