Spring Break in Australia (Day 1)

Okay, I think it’s time I put out another blog post before I delay it for a year or so or else all of the excitement will be gone. From the last blog post I churned out, I have already left Australia and travelled to 2 destinations already which I still need to blog about. But since I like to do things in chronological order (except the last post), I am going to share with you my spring break (semester break) in Australia this past exchange.

The reason I didn’t write this post right after I came back from the week trip was because #1, I was too tired and emotionally and physically exhausted from writing anything, #2, I was quickly thrown back into school work with final exams coming up, and #3, I procrastinate. Oh, furthermore, I had way too many photos from this trip to upload them all onto WordPress; I even made a new album on FB just because of this trip! LOL Also because frankly, I wasn’t too excited to write about it as much as I was about Tasmania. You could say the trip had its ups and downs but that’s what happens when you’re travelling with new-made friends. (More will be explained in future posts) Overall, it was a rather challenging yet fresh experience as I’ve never done something like this before so it’ll definitely be something to remember and reflect upon in future endeavours.

The trip began as we made our own to the beautiful Gold Coast. Now, if you’re not from ‘straya (Australia said with Australian accent), Gold Coast is known for its amusement parks, surfer’s paradise, its beach, and its dingy/tacky nightlife/clubs. For the most part, I liked Gold Coast and thought it was a fun time. You can definitely get sick of the city after half a week so I’d recommend going for enough days to just fulfill your itinerary needs.

There was a group of 6 of us with 5 of us being exchange students and one local Melbournian. The dynamic was just right or we knew each other just enough for all of us to agree to such a trip and “long time” with each other. You can see where the problem is going. LOL jokes I make it sound way more dramatic than it actually is but all in all, we all got along with each other. There were just a couple of quirks or bumps along the way that people could’ve settled with themselves more efficiently. Anywho, on arriving at the Gold Coast, we decided to try out airbnb but had to split up on the housing since there weren’t a house big enough to house all 6 of us. Now I thought airbnb was the coolest thing and it’s such a cool initiative for people with extra rooms to make some extra money! Our host was great and super cool and we really enjoyed our stay at her place. We had to sleep early as we had a tight schedule planned out for us day-to-day so waking up extra early was essential.

The first day we visited Movie World and Wet N’ Wild (could’ve been better named but oh wells), an amusement park and a water park respectively.

We got there super early and soon after, there was already a huge lineup. Since it was a fairly hot day, what a great day to be hitting the rides!

I really liked the amusement parks as Movie World was decked out to look like L.A and Universal Studios with all these action hero rides which were really fun. The kid in me wanted to go on all the rides but time permits because we only had half a day here before heading to WetNWild which was practically next door.

The Superman ride was my fave. It was unexpectedly fast and I just love the thrill of it. You can say I’m an adrenaline junkie. 😛

This was a group photo of us (minus the local Rowena) haha she was the one taking the photo. This should’ve been our ‘before’ photo before we all got majorly tanned.

This part of the park was so cinematic. Everything was vintage-looking with nostalgic feels of black and white films. I truly loved it and wish we could’ve explored more here because there was a Harry Potter store as well as other neat movie-inspired stores.

We got to WNW just in time to bask in the sunshine and not worry about drying off after becoming splashed with water.

It was a beautiful day with everyone just relaxing about, what’s there to complain about? No photos were allowed to be taken inside the park for privacy reasons and therefore only shots afterwards were allowed. We stayed there until the sun was setting and the park was closing. There were lawn chair set up in front of the setting sun which we got to experience a bit towards the end while we were packing up. It was definitely a nice view to see.

Goodbye Amusement parks with the green lantern sign shining brightly in the dusk.

We had the night planned in the city and therefore, made our way into the Gold Coast city, otherwise known as Surfer’s Paradise. The name itself does make the nerves tingle eh? But for tonight, we dined at Mos Burger which was favourite that my friend recommended!

Their peach tea was really really good. Silly me to have gotten a regular burger when I should’ve gotten their famous rice burgers …

Since it was the weekend, they had their beachfront market set up and we just decided to finish off the day walking around there and seeing what’s cool to browse around.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere as it was the weekend, people were having fun, checking out the local markets and seeing what’s good. I also had the privilege of getting my eyebrows done! I’ve never really touched my brows and have got them done once before in China while doing a photoshoot. Other than that, I don’t really play with them as there was no need or I’m just too lazy. Anyways, my friends managed to convince me to get my brows threaded and boy did it hurt. It only hurt a lot because I was told I’ve never fixed my brows and therefore my roots were deep. Yah, they must’ve been super deep because it was all red after eek. But it was a cool experience and YES my brows looked amazing after so 10/10 would recommend.

Threading is actually such a cool process and so eye-opening. This is my friend Zoe getting hers done!

This here is finally a nice group shot of all of us at the end of the day! Here’s to Day 1 and here’s to the first part of my long-awaited spring break blog post.

What are your thoughts?

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