What I’m worried about

So during exam season I read somewhere (probably thought catalog) that if you were to write down all of your worries/troubles before an exam, it will make you feel a whole lot better. BS. Writing down your worries just makes you worry more because now you actually have a set of tangible worries written down in front of you that you have brought upon yourself or have just recently realized. Anyways, I did it nonetheless to try it out and recently I’ve stumbled upon it again so I thought I’d share it with the world and let’s all laugh about it. I, myself, had a good laugh when I re-read this:

  • not getting accepted to Australia
  • Summerbridge being mad at me
  • thinking I know enough for this exam when I don’t
  • this exam being really difficult
  • that I’m getting sick
  • why I’m still not in the studying mode
  • my summer
  • my future

I think the two most important worries were the first two although I should have been more worried about the actual exams and the last two. I guess I wasn’t really in the mood to care about exams and just wanted to think past this period and look a little bit forward into the summer. Now that summer has come and I am finally accepted to go on the exchange (cue balloons and confetti), I feel much, MUCH better. That being said, I am still very worried about #2 because ever since I emailed them my rejection letter, they have not gotten back to me nor confirmed that they’ve confirmed my rejection. I am not sure if I should send another email asking about the situation, and just thinking about this makes me cringe.

This little spiel brings me to another list of worries, I’m writing the list here since this list kind of encompasses my worries of what’s to come in the summer and the upcoming school year. And since summer has already gone underway, let’s get caught up (these are in no specific order but some are obviously more important than others):

  • moving to Australia and the things I have to do/prepare beforehand
  • the financial burden I’m putting on myself but more so, on my parents
  • not being able to sublet my apartment and therefore, losing money
  • packing everything and finding a place of storage
  • I have too many things
  • friends I’m leaving behind in their last year of university and not being able to spend all my time with them before we go our separate ways
  • taking on two summer courses in the span of a month (Yes, I like to stress myself on a daily basis)
  • a whole new environment + people
  • inconsistency
  • things happening so suddenly and so quickly
  • lost memories
  • worrying too much
  • hopefully the housing in Australia will be decent and I don’t get stuck with an odd roommate (knocking on wood, be right back)
  • being away from home for too long

And that concludes my summer + upcoming school year list of worries. There’s also the issue of the plane rides back and forth, but that’s the least bit of my worries.

What are some of your worries?

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What are your thoughts?

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