How people living alone think (aka me)

Living alone can be frightening to many people but to me, it’s a wonderful experience. It’s a subtle way of learning how to deal with problems on your own as well as a getaway from people and the hectic world at least once a day. I consider myself brave for choosing to live on my own all these years because I’ve learned how to cook (not really), how to deal with the physical aspect of it, and moreover, the emotional part of it. Some things you can never learn until you move out and live on your own, some things that I never even thought about because my mom took care of everything most of the time, and some things you take for granted just because it has been provided to you by your family all these years. People have asked me over and over again if I get lonely. Truth is, I go crazy. I go crazy in the way I start talking to myself (but I think I read somewhere that this is rather healthy, or I’m just in denial, heh), but not in the way I would regret living alone. Truth #2, I really do enjoy living alone. I, myself, am a person who keeps a lot of things to herself and truly takes delight in having my own private quarters, because let’s be honest, sometimes you just get so sick and tired of people.

I’ve never had to think about the downside of living alone until recently; it really wasn’t a problem that had a place in my mind. Nowadays when I get home, random and overwhelming thoughts take over my mind and since there’s nothing else to hear but my own voice (in my head), I tend to over-think and feel helpless. This was those times when it had occurred to me how crucial people are to one’s emotional well-being and clear-mindedness. I really didn’t think of it to be so important until now. I think if I had a roommate at the moment, I wouldn’t feel the way I feel now. I guess this is just me being needy.

But it’s also true that sometimes you can’t really think clearly if you’re constantly with another person, it restricts freedom to go wild with your thoughts and not to mention, your roommate will have to deal with all of your odd demeanour (I can’t even handle myself sometimes). Now, I’m not saying I will move out or anything but this was something that came to my attention really recently. I’ve come this far to let myself down due to one issue though.

Photo 2013-03-28 7 12 17 PM

What are your thoughts?

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