Ovadia & Sons Fall/Winter Collection 2013

Okay world, prepare for this. This is my first fashion post on this blog. One thing you should know about me, I’m a huge fan of fashion and an avid reader/blogger of fashion finds that I think are just incredible pieces. I guess you could say I have a keen eye for fashion, sometimes if I see someone wearing an eye-catching outfit on the streets, I can’t help but want to snap a picture of them (that’s a bit creepy, of course). I usually do this kind of stuff on Tumblr because it’s way easier to just click the “reblog” button but this time, I have to post this collection here.

Now, I don’t expect my men to dress like this but if I see these men walking down the street casually on a Sunday afternoon, oh boy.

First of all, what even?! Perfection, I would say. Not to mention the focus of the photography is utterly beautiful. Here is a selection of some of my favourite pieces from this collection. Enjoy!

First of all, how can you not stare at anyone in this magnificent outfit of a suit. Personally, I love colour contrast blocks on shirts. They add a bit more classiness with a touch of adventure. The green pants completes the look with a bit more colour splash but still maintaining the outfit’s neutral tones. The dress shirt just completes it all.

This outfit embodies classiness. The hat, the suitcase, the sweater piece.

Calling this outfit beautiful is an understatement. The green blazer catches my eye right off of the bat but the dark navy tie manages to complement the blazer well. Not to mention the pocket square matching with the tie and the coat … oh sweet jesus.

If you’re looking for something vintage and more old-fashioned, I’d highly suggest this outfit. I love how they complement each outfit with a very fitting prop. Whether it be this vintage suitcase, or the dangling cardigan to tone down as well as complement the brown blazer, I’m in love. I, myself, love elbow patches on cardigans and so this really hits the spot. And of course, an amazing finish with an amazing pair of loafers.

Last but not least, my favourite outfit from the whole collection. Arguably, the best outfit. I love thick sweaters and I love pea coats even more. Something about a pea coat on a guy just makes them stand out from the rest, it really shows they know how to dress themselves (a fitted pea coat at that). I really fancy this relaxed look for a day out running errands or just grabbing lunch with a friend, the blue (jean) shirt adds a bit more flavour to the whole outfit as well as the chinos highlighting the upper part of the outfit. The shoes, amazing as always.

Thank you Esquire for the post.
For the full collection, you can check them out here: Ovadia & Sons F/W 2013
and also: http://ovadiaandsons.com/

(Photos via Ovadiaandsons.com)

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