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My life consists of a lot of talking, a lot of mistakes, bad timing, silly adventures, epiphanies, and many more. But how can I keep a track of all that in order for my kids to get a better sense of who I was, or who I am. (That is, if I do end up having children). This is the futuristic side of me talking but one day, I would really like to leave a book for my children, not just any book, but a book about my life, the journeys I’ve traversed, mistakes I’ve dealt with, and just plain things that trouble me. Things that I wish someone would have told me about earlier to better prepare me for certain things in life, like high school, university, relationships, friendships, etc.

This is … the Book of Joy. (self-puns are a-okay)

My friend and I were talking about one day how it would be such a neat thing to leave your children a book about your life adventures. (not saying when we die, but when we do end up having kids and this shall be their bedtime story book, ha). I really think that this is a super unique idea that not a lot of people would take the time to do. People write journals but they aren’t meant to be read by outsiders. But this is something special, like a guide book of life, not meant to be perfect or followed meticulously, but for a side note or a little bit of unsaid lessons to be learned. It’s a way of communicating with the kids without having the awkward talks about the “bees and the birds”, which to my realization, I have not yet received still…

The point is, this little side project of ours gets me excited, because now I actually have someone I can trust to tell all my exciting and not-so-exciting stories to, somewhere to write about my feelings and whatever needs to be expressed that cannot be said. I think if I go through with this, it’ll turn out to be something wonderful. I have already started quite a bit since the beginning of this school year with some past memoirs. This is not to be done on a daily basis unless you have something extremely interesting happening everyday of your life but it’s more for when you are reflecting upon something and you realize what you have done wrong, done right, and what you would improve on or what you should have done. Sometimes a bit of where did I go wrong and what not to do.

I believe that if anyone has the time to do this and they want their kids to get to know them better through the younger you progressing to the older you. A great time to start would be in university, when you still have a fresh mind and a youthful outlook on life. 🙂

A sneak peak of my book and my so-called 7 year pen.

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  1. Guest says:

    Good idea!!

  2. Sothivin says:

    Read some of your other posts, but this one was particularly interesting to me. How’s the book coming along? 🙂

    1. Joy says:

      I mostly write in it when something drastic happens or when I think of something interesting/inspiring to scribble down, other than that, it’s a very slow but wonderful process. 🙂

      1. Sothivin says:

        I’m glad to hear that 🙂 Good luck with it!

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