Long overdue Thanksgiving meal

So being a student in a foreign city thousand of miles away from home, you don’t get to go back home very often, especially not for a 3 day weekend like Thanksgiving. So my friends and I set up a little Thanksgiving dinner for the ones who are stuck here for the weekend with no place to go and missing pieces of home. We were expecting around 12 people and each of us brought two dishes but it turned out there were only around 9-10 of us and we realized we cooked way too much food … And when I say way too much, I REALLY meant it.

And this wasn’t even half of it, the event creator slash masta chef, made 3 huge chickens (one of the 3 shown above), along with extremely delicious shrimp ceviche (shown above on the bottom in the bowl) – FACT: did you know that lemon juice cooks raw shrimp??, with duck salad (show on left in big red/white bowl), and many more. The dishes that we produced were indescribable. I cannot believe that tiny, stressed university students like us could pull off such a meal fit for even 20 people!

I never really know what to bring to these potlucks and thought it’d be cool to bring an awesome casserole which I slaved over the oven for 5 hours…. to make 2 batches of course! 🙂 I present to you my broccoli cheese casserole!

More food photos to tempt your tastebuds and make your salivary glands sweat like never before. We ended the meal with this amazing pumpkin, pecan, and cranberries pie made by a very talented friend of mine!

Although the food was incredibly wonderful and homey, I think the best part of the night was the people I got to spend it with. This is going to sound pretty cheesy but we didn’t drink or “party” that night, we just spent it playing silly high school games like mafia, wink killer, and etc. It really made me feel at home and I bet that was the case for the others as well. I’m glad I got to spend Thanksgiving 2012 with my friends here and hope the years to come will be just as swell. 🙂

What are your thoughts?

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