A Package of Love from Japan.

When in university, you realize how lonely you actually are and how you long for packages to be sent to you. Even the tiniest snail mail or even a credit card statement in the mailbox excites me.

Recently, I’ve grown close to a friend from Japan and mentioned the lack of Japanese treats in Canada as well as the brands that weren’t available in Canada. While I was conversing with her, she mentions out of the blue that she would be delighted to send me some traditional/never-before-seen treats in Canada from Japan! Of course I was extremely happy to hear this and not to mention, I love getting mail.

The week preceding the arrival of this package was painful, especially the thought of oversea packages being lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic, or whichever way it came from. When I opened the package, it was everything that I could ever dream of. Green tea snacks from top to bottom (did I mention I love green tea flavoured anything?). My eyes were searching frantically from left to right trying to decipher what each snack was.

She even included a little box of Pokemon instant noodles. Being the loser I am, I vowed to never open this pack of noodles but to keep it as a little souvenir or even as an ornament. Maybe I’ll give it to my little brother, if he’s nice. The green tea chocolate on the other hand was absolutely mouth-watering. I can’t even begin to fathom how many different kinds of little treats that Japan makes in order to satisfy everyone’s green tea cravings. But I couldn’t stop eating the snacks. I am already down two packages within the 3 days it’s been here and am currently starting my 4th package. So much for saving it to last the year.

And when I say the Japanese are crazy about green tea, they really are. They even have green tea Chupa Chups. A green tea lollipop, that’s crazy! At least it should be healthy…

When I told her that we don’t have Uniqlo in Canada, we began an intense conversation of how Canada basically doesn’t have anything. And if you know Uniqlo, it’s a pretty awesome brand. The quality is unbeatable for the price they sell things for and guess what, this brand is available almost anywhere else except Canada. She asked if I wanted anything from Uniqlo and I did need a pair of black jeans (my old one had holes), so I suggested. Surprisingly, these jeans fit me extremely well and could potentially become my new favourite pair of jeans. It’s really great on the skin as well because the inside material is so soft. If you find a store nearby, I highly recommend you check it out for your basic needs or some eye-catching fashion endeavours.

There were lots more items in there I didn’t get to take a picture of including a pair of Hello Kitty socks and a Hello Kitty pencil, both were so adorable. And more treats I could ever ask for. I am really, extremely grateful for what she did and someday, I will visit her in Japan and maybe even live there for a bit!

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